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Job Opportunity in Germany!

Nursing as a specialty is one of the areas with the highest shortage of qualified personnel in the German labor market. This situation brings opportunities abroad, especially for qualified personnel living in Turkey. If you are passionate about your profession and want to continue your career in this field in Germany, we as IB Group, are at your side on your career journey with all the necessary knowledge and equipment to achieve your dreams by providing fast and professional support for you to be employed in the most suitable health institution for your qualifications with the Job Opportunity in Germany program. 

We understand that leaving your home country and family behind to work as a nurse in a foreign country can be a stressful experience, therefore we at IBETH (IB Turkey) make it a priority to make sure that you will feel that all your needs are being addressed and that we will be your reliable partner and guide along every step of the recruitment process. IB Offices in Germany, the hospitals, who partner with us, trust us to find talented care givers and adhere to the highest ethical standards of recruitment.

Below you will find categorized information on all aspects of the recruitment process as well as other important information concerning life in Germany. In case you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly and for the most reliable info you can also visit the Make it in Germany!

IMS Services

In 2011, the IB started to develop the International Migration Services – recruitment of skilled workers abroad – in order to help unemployed young adults from abroad to find a job in Germany.  Annually, the IB helps around 200 young people into a career in Germany with the cooperation of IBETH in Turkey and the other offices in the world.

IBETH Services within the scope of Work Opportunity in Germany;

- Candidate Placement
- Consulting & Knowledge Transfer
- Document Management (Transcription, Notary and Apostille Processes)
- Travel Organization
- Organization of the Visa Application Process in Turkey

After the candidates travel to Germany, the IB offers services such as language courses, integration services, accommodation in Germany. Nurses from Turkey traveling to Germany learn German in intensive language courses and live in hotels, host families or houses or apartments offered by the IB.

Services offered by IB Offices in Germany for the candidates;

- B2 Level Intensive Language Course in Germany 
- Accommodation in Germany (Hotels, host families, houses/apartments offered by IB)
- Social Integration Services
- Consulting and Knowledge Transfer
- Supporting candidates on every issue
- Application to the recognition body

Since 2020, IBETH has been cooperating with IB within the scope of International Migration Services. We would like you to consider working with IBETH as a solid career decision thanks to the services offered to you both in Germany and in Turkey.

Our objective as an organization, during the process of recruitment and placement of candidates in Germany, is to ensure the fulfillment of obligations and rules based on the following principles:

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