International Cooperation

Building Bridges!

Promoting the fields of social development, education and employment as well as international cooperation is an immediate prerequisite for achieving the global education agenda (Education 2030) which is part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that make up the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. In order to meet future social and economic challenges, IBETH is committed to pursuing its mission and to making strategic offers of expertise as a socially responsible organisation.

With its projects and consultancy work, the IBETH contributes to knowledge transfer and thus to improving the living conditions of people, especially in disadvantaged groups. It is currently present in education, training, and social development markets in Turkey and Europe.

The IBETH cooperates with its international partners in international youth and adult education and takes part in actively solving social problems with tailor-made measures. Youth education seminars, internships, volunteer work and expert exchange visits are the focus of its international mobility activities. The aim is to develop more and equal opportunities for all young people undergoing education and training and looking for a job, and also to promote active citizenship, social inclusion and solidarity.

The beneficiaries gain a lot from these exchanges to enhance the mutual understanding between society of different countries and cultures. In most cases it is their first experience with and in a foreign country. While they are confronted with foreign and unknown situations, they reflect on their own cultural identity. In this way they learn about tolerance and acceptance and begin to show an interest in their non-native compatriots. By acquiring important key competences in a professional and social context, they gather self-confidence, which plays an important role in their personal and professional development.  

The IBETH also promotes international expert exchanges. The professionals benefit from a substantial exchange of experiences and enhance their skills. They experience Europe, especially in Germany and are thus able to better transfer their acquired knowledge of these places and the people they work with. The added professional and intercultural value of international work complements the participants’ competencies. The projects are developed and implemented in cooperation with partner organizations from within Europe and beyond Europe in all areas of the IBETH.

Fields of work:

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